July 04, 2011

Bead Shopping

Joann's was having a Fourth of July sale starting from the first of July and  Swarovski crystals were 50% off, a super good deal.  I bought a couple of packs of crystals, two shell pendents, clasps, glass pearls, and gunmetal wire all for around $30. 
Swarovski Crystals, Shell Pendents, Glass Pearls

Gunmetal Wire, Multi strand Clasps
I am super excited about the red shell pendent, I have a gazillion ideas swarming in my head for it, I definitely want something grand and spectacular to show off the lovely colors.  I'll sketch out some ideas and post pictures.   My major inspiration will most likely be from Thom Atkins Rouge et Noir, it is an elaborate red and black beaded bead piece.  I couldn't find a picture online, so I will most probably scan it from my The Art of Beaded Beads book. 

If you can't tell from the top picture, I'm kinda going through a blue phase.  I don't know why but I'm completely in LOVE with the deep turquoise/blue color. I'm already visualizing different beaded beads, and pendents using that color.  I'm so excited. I'm sure you all think I'm crazy but I assure you I'm not, I'm just a little bit obsessed.

No, I haven't forgotten about my cuff.  I am sincerely going to try and complete it tomorrow.  If I don't it will most probably be put on the back burner since I have so many other ideas for projects that I want to start.

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  1. Beautiful beads! I wish I could make things like you. I love home made jewelry.
    Popped in from Blogaholic, new GFC follower.


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