July 02, 2011

Dilema Solved

So my second idea for the cuff went a lot more smoothly than the first and I was able to get the effect I wanted.
Bezeled Stone using 11/0  matte black Delicas
13/0 Czeck seed beads used for vines and leaves
Now I only need to put everything together, I have the background fabric picked, its sort of silky but not real silk. I believe the color is taupe, to be exact.  The fabric and my cuff design inspired me to design fabric based earrings as well.
Earring Sketch
The length of the earring is about 3 inches, super long, I know.  But I feel like once they're done they'll look super sexy.  I already have one of the beaded flowers done, the center stone in the picture is a round 6mm rhodonite.
Earring Sketch
It's going to take a couple of days to finish these pieces.  When they're done I'll have them up.

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