Hi everyone, my name is Nissa & I'm glad you stopped by to take your time to  glimpse into my world.  When I was young, I was the classic tom-boy I had no interest in jewelry, dressing up or make up. As I grew older, however, things changed: I liked looking and feeling beautiful and wearing jewelry  gave me that feeling.  As my affinity for jewelry grew I realized that retail stores didn't carry bracelets in my size wanting to create my own to wear, I introduced myself to the world of jewelry design.  I still have some of my early pieces, and they remind me as to how far I have come from stringing glass beads to bead weaving.

In the past I created for myself, my mom, and my friends. I finally got the break I was looking for with my mom's boss who offered me a place in her jewelry event.  Some, if not most, of my pieces are displayed at her boutique. I explored and explored and finally my heart settled on pyrite, I love its texture and metallic color and it makes every piece a bit cooler and edgier.  As for my technique I fell for bead weaving more specifically the peyote stitch, I plan on expanding my skills in the near future: to learn how to metal smith. 
This blog started out as a way to promote my jewelry pieces but I feel it becoming something more.  So the main purpose will still be to promote my jewelry, but there will be something here for everyone.

Random Facts you should know:
  • I've been married for almost three years now
  • I'm pursuing my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry starting this Fall
  • ♥ thunderstorms and lightning
  • ♥ the smell of rain, and freshly cut grass
  • ♥ Coffee
  • ♥ Reading
  • ♥Anything chocolaty
  •  I am a Wh♥vi♥n  and a Potterhead

Each piece in my collection is a finely handcrafted masterpiece, with intricate bead woven designs.  Each piece is a modern blend of my heritage and culture with current trends.  A majority of pieces are one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated; however they can inspire new pieces customized just for you.  These trend-setting pieces are a fusion of hard and soft, dramatic and subtle, and bold and simple.  Each piece is hand woven with love here in King of Prussia, PA.

Only the finest crystals including Swarovski are used in my designs along with unique and luxorious semi-precious gemstones.  Each bead woven piece is made using Japanese delicas and other seed beads.  Due to the nature of hand cut gemstones, there will be slight differences in each stone's cut and color there fore variations in each design.  The metal's used are antiquated brass along with silver plated and gold plated metals.

Every bead is hand woven with love one bead at a time! 

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*On a side note, I try to give credit to designers I take inspiration from, modify their techniques, or try to attempt to recreate a piece (if this is the case I will TRY to ask for permission BUT if I do not get a response I will continue and give YOU credit).  So, if you ARE a designer that feels that I might not have given you the credit you deserve, feel free to contact me at nissa89@gmail.com.  I know that every designer takes a lot of pride in their work, and I intend to give credit where needed.*

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  1. Hey Nisa, you are doing a great job, you are indeed very talented. Loved your jewelry collection.

    Keep Inspiring and smiling always :)

    xx Noor


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