June 27, 2011

Mid Summer's Night Dream

Finally, I got around to using my beloved beaded beads from a couple of posts ago. Even More Beaded Beads to be exact and I only used the two at the bottom but created three more beaded beads to go along with the others. I needed a break from my previous Cuff Dilema so I did my own take on the much loved charm bracelet using the odds and ends laying around my work area, taking old jewelry pieces apart and using my beaded beads.
Mid Summer's Night Dream
Swarovski Crystals
Beaded Beads
Fresh Water Pearls
Sterling Silver

I might change the clasp to a lobster because the current one is too bulky.  I also had some other ideas for this as well such as instead of making this just a bracelet, some how have this be one of many interchangeable parts to make a necklace etc...    And sorry for the picture quality there is unfortunately no natural light at 10pm but tomorrow I will take more pictures and post them as soon as I can.

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