June 23, 2011

Dilema Dilema Dilema

I've been fiddling with some stone beads that I have, I'm not sure what they are but their color is a beautiful neutral pink.  My main idea was to bezel the stone and then have an overlay made with wire and beads in the form of vines and flowers. My original design was this:
Sketch of Idea 1
And unfortunately turned out like this:
Bezeled Stone using Black Hexagonal Cut Toho Beads
With a Wire and Beaded Overlay
I love the effect that it has but the drops need to be flat to achieve the look that I want.  If I chose to stay with these drops than the likely hood of them getting caught in something and ruining the piece is greater.  Fortunately I have three stones like this so my original idea will be but aside until I can find flat black drops.  I adjusted my design to only vines.
Sketch of Idea 2
Stay tuned, hopefully this idea will go more smoothly than the last.

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