June 19, 2011

Even More Beaded Beads

Yes, I know I'm obsessing over making the beaded beads and I know that I still need to incorporate them into jewelry but I'm having so much fun making them.
Small plastic pearls using RAW

Beaded Bead
15/0 Rocialles using Peyote Stitch to cover plastic bead

My next project is cover metal cuffs.  I'll have pictures up soon.


  1. Yeah, you caught the beaded bead bug! Welcome to the club. I stopped worrying about making jewelry out of my beaded beads a long time ago when I found they are more satisfying than making jewelry. At least I think so. But then again, I don't wear that much jewelry these days.

  2. I guess so, however, I'm trying to suppress my urge to make more, unless of course they're completely necessary for my design... ;)


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