August 26, 2013

End of Summer... and a New Beginning

I've been busy for the past couple of weeks, hence my inefficiency at planning and executing posts.  This spring I was accepted into a Ph.D. program (yay!!) with a full fellowship (double yay!!).  So for the majority of June though July and into the beginning of August I've been going in to get reacquainted with the lab, and thus my schedule has gone off the rails trying to readjust to the stressful life of a student.  I am going through with opening my shop and I will try extremely hard not to neglect it.  I know it's going to be a rough couple of years but if by the end of it I have an established shop it will be well worth it.  Here are a couple of new creations that will be making an entry into my shop! Stay tuned Grand Opening will be under way shortly!! 

A vibrant blue Swarovski rivoli bezeled using delicas and embellished with pyrite.

A hydro aquamarine stone bezeled with delicas and embelished with pyrite. 

Clear Swarovski rivolis embelished with pirite. 

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