April 30, 2013

The International Gem and Jewelry Show: A Bummer

I have always looked forward to the international gem and jewelry show every year, with lots of vendors each with their own unique perspective. However, this year was super disappointing because the convention was moved from Valley Forge to Oaks, lots of vendors opted out because  they thought that the move would affect sales.  There was a total of five aisles to walk through and some of the vendors I buy from were not there. (insert frowny face here).  I still managed to get a good haul though with lots of pyrite, and quartz.

Pyrite Druzy

Pyrite and electroplated Quartz daggers! 

Quartz Druzy

I am super excited like a kid on Christmas,  I have a feeling that I'll be keeping one of the pyrite druzy's for myself.  I always end up keeping pieces that I love.  My mom thinks I'm crazy for it, but hey I make jewelry for myself first!  

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