May 25, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I've been gone yet again, but I have a good reason.  Cleaning! My mom and I are decluttering (don't even know if that's a real word) the basement.  There are boxes filled with fabric scraps that my Mom didn't have the heart to throw away.  I told her that she could have been starred on Hoarders, the same could be said for my stuffed animal obsession but at least they're cute.

My Mom started a business a couple of years ago called Curtains Elegance, but because of her age and medical conditions she was unable to continue it and instead now she works for a boutique. So her old work room is going to become my "studio", studio being in quotes since that room is still going to be used some what as storage(secondary function).  There are so many things left to do like paint the room and add shelves but in order for that to happen the gigantic file cabinet and a table my Mom bought unfinished need to be moved out.  (Secretly I wish I could just throw them away) Ugh!.  That can only be done when the men are in the house.

Anyways that's what has been keeping me occupied lately. Unfortunately I haven't made any new pieces but hopefully that is all about to change.

Until next time... :)

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