October 01, 2011

International Gem and Jewelry Show!!

It's that time of year again!! The International Gem and Jewelry Show has come to the King of Prussia Convention Center!! There are so many vendors to choose from it's crazy, however I was a little disappointed because there seemed to be more vendors selling premade jewelry than vendors selling beads, gemstones, and other components.  I'm going back tomorrow, I saw these rich teal gemstone drops and I just can't stop thinking about them.  I also need to buy some Swarovski Rivolis.  I think the Swarovski Elements will be an early birthday present for me :)

My jewelry making has come to a complete halt at the moment, college is torturing me, literally.  BUT, THANK GOD, after this week I have fall break and I intend to be as productive as possible! In order to do that I need to start being productive now which means I need to leave you guys until next week!

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