August 06, 2011

Experiment #1

Yesterday, I went to Joann's and I bought Beadweaving with Cabochons by Marie Geraud  because I LOVED her Syrah design.  I think I'm missing something when it comes to tension, either I have too much or not enough in some places, it might end up that I have both problems. This was my feeble attempt at one motif.
Syrah Motif
6mm Swarovski Round
4mm Swarovski Crystals
11/0 Delicas 15/0 Rocailles
I have a lot of work ahead of me.  It was also very silly of me to buy the grey rounds without buying corresponding grey bicones.  Sigh.  Thankfully I had enough for one motif even though I have no idea what I'm going to do with this. 


  1. It looks beautiful. Maybe you could attach some type of backing to it and use it as a pendant on a beaded necklace ?

    My biggest frustration with making jewelry is I never seem to have everything that I need and am always having to purchase more and more supplies. :) I find that when I have a problem with tension in beading it's because I've substituted beads that weren't in the original design such as #11 Delica beads
    instead of the more rounded, Czech #11 seed beads. Other times it is just the thread that I use, some threads stretches more than others.

  2. Nissa - I found a beaded pendant design that is a little different than this one but has a lot of the same feel and look to it. Unfortunately the directions are written in Hungarian but has a lot of step by step photos so it may not be too hard to follow. The beaded pendant instructions can be found at

  3. Hola amiga, me acabo de encontrar on tu blog y me he quedado maravillada de tus trabajos. Te felicito pues tiene mucho merito.
    Soy una aficionada más en la bisuteria con delicas japonesas e igualmente intento hacer mis creaciones con alguna guia de otras artistas aficionadas pero siempre me gusta darle un toque personal.
    Sigue adelante y gracias por mostrarnos tus trabajos. Mi favorito es el brazalete de la piedra rosa y delicas negras. Es maravilloso!
    Un saludo


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