July 16, 2011


I CAN SEW!! My mom has been haggling me to start sewing because its a "wifely" thing to do and I've been putting it off for about ever since I was "of age".  But finally, I decided that I needed cushions for my room as well as accent pillows and that instead of buying them I would make them.  So I went digging in my Mom's stash of fabrics and found some silk scraps (yes SILK!) that matched my room color. I sewed the scraps together to create a  random patchwork piece. I hit a lot of bumps along the way,  there were a lot of long sighs, breaks, and unspeakable words uttered, but I got through it and learned from my mistakes.  I think the hardest part was putting on the backing fabric since it was a taffeta style fabric and it kept on slipping, I couldn't cut it straight let alone sew it straight.  The zipper was yet another challenge but my Mom helped or else they would have become a mess.  Regardless of whether everything is straight or not I'm exceptionally pleased with myself, as well as extremely proud that I was able to FINISH this project all by my self.
Behold my Masterpieces:
27 x 27 Patchwork Cushions
Silk! and Taffeta
You may be able to take the purple out of my room but you can't take the purple outta me!
(I will tell my purple story in another post)
Unfortunately, these cushions seem a bit lonely all by themselves.  So, I've decided that I want to make matching pillow cases and accent pillows for a complete look.  AND I kinda have a deadline: July 24th, we're having guests over and I want the complete look done before hand.  I will also try with my new projects to complete my owl since there are many of you who are eager to see its outcome.  I work well under pressure so hopefully everything will be done this week.

I also found time to create my button thanks to Manic Mother. Her tutorial was simple and easy to follow!



  1. They look so beautiful, especially for a first timer!

  2. Thank you both! I can't bring my self to use them, they look so pretty and I don't want to ruin them. Conflict of interest.


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