July 23, 2011

The Semi-End of my Sewing Journey

 I have FINALLY completed my sewing project with the help of my wonderful Mom.  I had finished the patchwork bed cover and I was ready for the backing that's when things got hard... really hard.  To make a long story short: I asked my Mom to sew on the backing for me, after all she IS the sewing genius.  And finally, it was done.   THANK YOU GOD!  I don't think I could have handled another day of sewing, I'm tired and my back hurts.

It actually feels so surreal that I have completed this sewing project!  Well it still needs a couple more pillows BUT I'm done for now.  I will start beading once more starting Monday!  Today and tomorrow will be spent doing my duty as a blogger: promoting myself and finding other cool blogs!


  1. Thanks for stopping by Life With Two Boys.. I'm following back :)

  2. The bed set is gorgeous.

    Your bead work photos on Flickr are amazing.

    Welcome to the Supporters Squad on Blogaholic.



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